About TexSkill

Industry Education and Training Provider

TexSkill is a not-for-profit provider of accredited vocational education and training programs. A registered training organisation since 1991, TexSkill has provided training and consultancy in more than 100 companies nationally and trained over 5000 industry personnel.

TexSkill delivers a variety of industry and work-based training programs customised to a company’s specific training needs. Over the years TexSkill has delivered training to companies covering the full spectrum of the manufacturing sector as well as management, business administration, warehousing and sales.
Attuned to Industry Training Needs
Supervisor Training

Supervisors are often a key link between management and operators. It is vital that they are appropriately equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding to not only ensure efficient production processes, but to manage personnel effectively. Supervisor training provides the opportunity to up skill employees and promote compliance to OH&S and trade practices.
Operator Training

Operator training is developed in consultation with management to incorporate the organisations requirements. Importantly the training is structured to best benefit the organisation and reduce any disruption to manufacturing operations.

Training courses include:

  • Cert II – Diploma in a variety of Business Qualifications
  • Cert I – Diploma in Textile Production
  • Certificate II & III in Mattress and Base Making
  • Certificate III – Advanced Diploma in Competitive Manufacturing
  • Certificate III and IV in Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade and Production Systems
  • Certificate I – IV in Meat Processing
  • Certificate I – III in Process Manufacturing and Plastics
  • Certificate I – III in Transport and Distribution warehousing and storage and administration
  • Certificate I – IV in Retail
  • Certificate III in TCF Mechanics
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Competitive Enterprise

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Entry level training covers key areas such as OH&S, quality and technical skills. The training provides the operators with a specific qualification that is relevant to their role and industry. Further training is available for experienced operators, supervisors, technicians and mechanics.

TexSkill offers on-site, customised and responsive training for operators on a national basis. All courses are accredited and are generally supported by government training funds.
A Partnership with Industry

TexSkill provides companies with;

Proven experience – since 1991 Texskill has been planning and conducting of ‘whole-of-company’ training programs customised for personnel at all levels.
Assistance in sourcing the many funding opportunities available to companies for their training programs.

Flexible work-based delivery of accredited training courses, including producing customised training materials such as equipment and/or process training manuals.
Administration of training programs including record keeping, issuing of certificates, reports to funding bodies etc.